My Story


I was born in Sweden and a horse girl for as long as I can remember. I started with riding, did show-jumping, dressage and crosscountry on my first horse, a Polish Arabian Purebred gelding called Jaguar. He was terrific and we often won against much larger breeds.

I showed my first horse at 18 years of age, and after that there was no turning back.



pent a few years as trainer at Papa’s Arabians, Sweden, one of the first breeders of Arabian horses in Sweden. Showed National and occasionally International. After that a season in Germany at Frank Spoenle, and showed a lot of horses. Had some success and got known by most breeders.


tarted to work in Belgium at the end of 1998, and had in 1999 the first very big success of my career, the first Triple Crown Filly ever, ESSTEEMA (Essteem-Menascha), bred and owned by Sax Arabians. She went on to be champion in Towerlands and Wels the same year, and remained unbeaten as a yearling. In Paris, she had to be shown first of all horses at the show, which is a difficult position, but she still got the highest score of the show, and a perfect number of 20’s in type and head & neck. She was applauded as Unanimous Champion, absolutely thrilling.


ogether with Essteema, I went to be known and popular, which led to many successes with other horses in the ring.

Essteema - Triple Crown Filly (Champion - All Nations Cup, European Championships, World Championships) - unbeaten 1999


nly two fillies won the Triple Crown title in history, and I was lucky enough to show also the second one: PIANISSIMA (Gazal Al Shaqab-Pianosa), bred and owned by state stud Janow Podlaski, Poland. She is a fantastic horse, and after being Polish National Champion, we won together the All Nations Cup, European Championships and World Championships, always with so many 20’s. I will be forever thankful to Mr. Sax and Mr. Trela for entrusting me with such unique horses.

Pianissima - Triple Crown Filly (Champion - All Nations Cup, European Championships, World Championships) - unbeaten


y third Triple Crown Winner was a colt; the fantastic mover: NIJEM IBN ETERNITY, owned by Perfect Arabians, Sweden. I showed him as a yearling, and luckily, when he was three years old, Perfect Arabians bought him, and I could show him again. We won all the 3 biggest shows, beating fantastic horses, and he was always a great pleasure to show.

Nijem Ibn Eternity - Triple Crown Colt (Champion - All Nations Cup, European Championships, World Championships)


had the luck to show horses all over the world, winning loads of Titles along the way.


here are so many names of horses and so many great memories, like ZT Sharuby, Girlan-Bey, Euskara, Pinga, Pilar, Olita, Ghajariy, LVA Maximus, Fernando, Tamara and many, many more...


part from their innate qualities, Arabian horses also offer us such a great opportunity to meet or make good friends and clients across the globe. I am greatly indebted to all the fantastic girls and boys that have accompanied my working journeys and still are, my trusting clients, caring friends and understanding family who all gave and still give me more than I thought was possible. All because of a shared interest in a fantastic animal! I feel blessed every morning I walk through the barn, watch World Champions peacefully graze my farm while birds and deer look on.